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Teamwork makes the DREAMWORK

Many of us are familiar with the logic of all lions are cats ..... but not all cats are lions. The same is true with teams and groups. All teams are groups but not all groups are teams.

Understanding team dynamics is key to becoming a successful leader and to increase the productivity of your team members.

Our teamwork makes the dreamwork session explores the power of teamwork and looks at practical ways we can improve unity, cohesion, and performance in our organizations.

In this session you will - assess your team development, review team characteristics and look at new ways of creating a positive, safe working environment for your teams.

Did you know?

When a group of people come together to form a team to accomplish a common goal, they go through a predictable process as they learn to work productively as a team. At each stage the team demonstrates specific characteristics and behaviours that can be used to identify their stage of team development.

In addition to working towards their common goals, the team has specific tasks and issues they need to address in order to progress through the team development process. At each stage the supervisor has a different role to play as the needs of the team evolve and they become more self-directed.

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Creating a culture of excellence

MCCA is an industry association comprised of companies and organizations associated with the customer contact service sector. Understanding the needs of our growing Industry allows us to offer valuable training to agents, supervisors, and management for organizations of all sizes as well as create profitable networking opportunities.

Our Vision

MCCA is committed to: excellence through education, leadership with integrity and community professionalism.

Our Mission

To ensure a skilled, flexible and innovative workforce is available to support customer contact service Industries.

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