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Telephone Communication

In this age of technology and global commerce, the way we communicate with our clients can set us apart from the competition. As a front-line communicator, HOW you respond to your customers is a reflection of you and the organization. 

Some companies have changed the title of their customer service representatives from CSR to First Impression.  This can help us remember the value of our communication with our customers.


This course will discuss why we may choose a certain channel of communication for making an impact through the use of empowering statements. We know that how we give and receive our communication is just as important as the message itself. 

The goals of this workshop include:

  1. Recognize the influence of our conversations in what and how we are saying to them

  2. Be able to choose the correct channel of communication based on customer preference and need

  3. How to ask questions to check for clarity and understanding

Throughout the training you will discover:

  • The Communication Process

  • Levels of Listening

  • Choosing a Channel

  • Effective Email Communication

  • Asking questions

  • Evaluative vs Descriptive Communication

  • Expressing our wants, feelings, thoughts and opinions clearly and effectively

  • Listening to and understanding what others communicate to us


Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop strategies for effective communication through understanding your role as both a receiver and sender

  2. Define your role as a front-line communicator

  3. Learn strategies for increasing your listening effectiveness

  4. Recognize how to match your channel of communication to the message

  5. Discern between empowering and disempowering statements

To find out more or to register for a session contact

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