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Meet Our Team

Board of Directors


Chair - Sheri Banville, BellMTS - Customer Account Specialist

Vice Chair - Christina Kenny, MBC - Manager Member Services

Past Chair - Kevin Shaw, RBC - Senior Director, Credit Advice Centre

Secretary/Treasurer - Meagan Gillespie, Skybridge Americas - Training Manager

Executive Director - Bruce Rose


Ali Hussain, Rogers Communication -

Senior Manager, Consumer Experience

Alyx Cady, Petline Insurance - Director, Customer Operations

Jaclynn Saunders, Director Advice Center Home Advisor, Mortgage Retention COE

and Assistant Center Director Advice center Winnipeg

Belinda Manzano, Manitoba Public

Insurance - Assistant Manager

Chad Stott, Scootaround - VP GM WHILL

and Scootaround Mobility Services NA

Ralph De Jong, TWCC - VP Client Relations and Business Development

Crystal Silva, Keyloop - Head of Managed Services Delivery

The MCCA Board of Directors is a passionate group of business leaders within Manitoba’s customer contact Industry. From startups to multinationals and SME’s, they have a breadth of knowledge that guides the direction of the organization to help create the conditions where member companies can thrive and grow. 


Contact us at any time to ask questions or find our more about developing the skills you need to succeed at work and in your everyday life.


Bruce Rose, Executive Director



Jaxon Rose, Training and Events



Helen Reimer, Bookkeeping (contract)

*for all accounting inquiries email


Rick Wang, Marketing (contract)

*for all marketing inquiries email


Work Place Trainers (contract)

Kerry Mealey Holmes

Andrea Canada

Lila Larson

Michelle Clarke

*for all training inquiries email

Did You Know?

THINK, a division of MCCA, was established to meet the growing demands of our customers. Over twenty years ago, we began delivering quality training for the Customer Contact Centre Industry. Our reputation for developing engaging and effective training is recognized by a variety of industries and the demand for our services continues to grow. We believe all organizations benefit from investing in continuing professional and personal development opportunities.

Let us help you and your team - connect with knowledge.

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