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Celebrating 24 years of Customer Contact Achievement

Since 1999, Manitoba Customer Contact Association (MCCA) has celebrated the Manitoba Excellence in Customer Contact Achievement (MECCA) Awards. The purpose of the awards program is to recognize excellence and evoke pride in the Customer Contact Centre Industry.  Each year, we celebrate organizations and their staff who exemplify the BEST that our industry has to offer. 

Awards are handed out in the following categories:


People Awards:

Representative of the Year

Leader of the Year
Alan Sauvé Volunteer Award
Support Award
Team Award
5 year and 10 year Volunteer Award

Organization Awards:

Training and Performance
Health and Wellness
Employee Engagement

People's Choice

MECCA 2024

Date & Location:

February 22, 2024 | 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The MET, 281 Donald St,

Winnipeg, MB - R3C 1M9

Call For Judges

MCCA is looking for Industry experts to be part of the 2023 Organization Awards Judge's panel. Is this the opportunity for you?


Deadline to submit your interest is November 30, 2023.

Each year, we celebrate organizations and their staff who exemplify the BEST that our Industry has to offer. 


How to Apply:

  • Click the tab associated with the award you want to nominate someone for

  • Complete the questionnaire, ensuring to fill in the required information

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Representative of the Year

This award recognizes an employee who has demonstrated a positive contribution to customer service, their workplace environment, performance management, and the community.


Celebrating Process, Performance, Process

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Organization Award Categories

  • Innovation Award​

    • This award recognizes Contact Centres that have employed new or enhanced technology, processes, or the like in order to improve their customer and/or employee experience.

  • Training and Performance Award

    • This award recognizes Contact Centres that demonstrate a dedication to developing the skills of its workforce and that provide opportunities for Industry advancement and future growth.

  • Health and Wellness Award

    • This award recognizes Contact Centres that help their employees enhance their personal and professional lives through a wide-ranging wellness program.

  • Employee Engagement Award

    • This award recognizes Contact Centres where employee surveys boast of job accomplishment and career fulfillment.

  • People's Choice Award

    • MCCA's People's Choice Award for Manitoba’s Favourite Company for Customer Service will be chosen through public vote.

  • Community Award

    • This award recognizes outstanding voluntary contributions made by Contact Centres to the citizens of Manitoba between December 1, 2022 -November 30, 2023.

How to Apply:

  • Click the button above to nominate an organization for an Award

  • Complete the questionnaire, ensuring to fill in the required information

Deadlines & Important Dates:
All applications for awards must be submitted by:​​
People Awards - December 15, 2023
Organization Awards - December 15, 2023
Early bird Gala Ticket pricing is available until the close of day on December 31, 2023.

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MECCA 2023 Award Winners

Organization Award Winners
Congratulations to all the organization award winners from our 2022 MECCA awards.
For the full list of winners, be su
re to check out the link below:

People Awards Winners
To access the list of winners - contact the MCCA Office at

This is year 4 for the Alan Sauvé Award which recognizes a person or persons who exemplifies a positive outlook and attitude at work, home and in the community. The recipient of this award is inspiring, optimistic, encouraging, the cheerleader, fun, selfless, the person others turn to for help, reliable, the team player with the “can do” spirit.

Congratulations to this year's recipients - 

Sheri Banville, MCCA

Priya McConnell, Bell MTS

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