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Building a Strategic Partnership with Manitoba.


Building a strategic partnership with Manitoba!

MCCA members unite annually to discuss topics and trends that shape the MB customer contact Industry. Our annual general meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering of our company's invested partners. At our AGM, the directors of MCCA present an annual report containing information for partners about the company's performance and strategy.


5:30 pm - Registration, Food/Refreshments

6:00 pm - Welcome Messages

6:15 pm - Guest Speaker: Annette Alix Roussin, Msw. Rsw.

7:00 pm - Call to order and AGM

7:30 pm - Q & A with Annette Alix Roussin, Msw. Rsw.

Book signing with Annette Alix Roussin, Msw. Rsw. - "I AM MY CULTURE: my memoir of self-determination". A journal for well-being.

Date and Time:

June 20, 2024 | event starts at 5:30 pm

100 Innovation Drive | UofM Smartpark

100 Innovation Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3T 6A8, Canada

Guest Speaker - Annette Alix Roussin, Msw. Rsw.


Guest Speaker:

Annette Alix Roussin Msw. is of Ojibwa descent and is a registered citizen of Berens River First Nation in Manitoba. Annette brings to her relationships her understanding of the core values from her Indigenous culture of love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility and truth and will share this with you when she is coaching you along the path of the coaching relationship.

Annette holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Manitoba and has spent her career working with others in both the health and education sectors with a focus on Mental Health and Well-Being. Annette is a licenced Heal Your Life Teacher and was certified with the Coach U Life Coach Core Essentials Program in 2008.

Annette has a passion for self-development and self-awareness and finds joy and value in coaching and supporting others on their personal journeys of transformation and self-actualization. Annette is familiar with the strengths and challenges life or contextual circumstances can create and it can either be seen and experienced as a negative and cause us to get stuck or it can be experienced as an opportunity to grow and transform oneself. Annette is passionate about supporting and championing others to master their own mind and personalities to achieve their own dreams within their wheel of life.

Annette believes each person has their own journey to walk to find self-love, peace, and balance in their lives and it is by doing this inner work and self-development one can find what they need to break through to new possibilities and adventures. Each one of us must find the way on this life journey and Annette loves to be a witness, a safe space, a mentor, and a supporter for those who are seeking their own truth and balance in their life.

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