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Can little actions bring big joy?

Research says yes!

A sense of agency - when people intentionally plan out a daily micro-act, it may help them feel as if they have a bit of control over their emotions.

A tool for spreading well-being - at a time of global conflicts a daily micro-act can bring joy and make a small difference in the lives of others.

Starting a new practice - sometimes random acts of kindness could be viewed as bumper sticker cliche, it is important to clear out all of the negative clutter and focus on the benefits of your actions.

Heard of Intention Setting?

If you have a map to where you are going to go, you are much more likely to get there.

Setting an intention is the initiation, the first step into your preferred story, particularly if your intention is solidly aligned with your values, then you have a powerful tool for moving forward and achieving your desires.

Regular statements of intention also allow you to change courses or adjust the path if needed.

We believe that micro-acts of kindness can boost your well-being. To learn more, connect with MCCA at

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