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Find the right path to Customer Service Employment

NOW is the time to align your training programs that support employment opportunities within the customer contact Industry in Manitoba.

Labor market information indicates the customer contact Industry in Manitoba will be looking to employ 2000+ individuals over the next 2 years.

Find the right path to employment with our "Top 5 Skills to Employment" training program.

Providing participants with the right tools to support employment in the customer contact Industry is important to us and to you.

Develop your Top 5 Skills to Employment -

  1. Telephone Communication

  2. Time Management

  3. Email Communication

  4. Computer Technology

  5. Dealing with Difficult Customers

Each course consists of 6 learning hours delivered in 2 three-hour sessions. Learning opportunities can be provided in several formats – face to face, webinar and pre-recorded videos. Certificates of completion are provided with the successful completion of each course as well as a graduating certificate if all 5 courses are successfully completed.

Learn, grow and succeed with MCCA. Connect with us at

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