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How far will you go?

Throughout CSW, MCCA has been actively hosting Industry awareness presentations throughout Manitoba.

Here are a few notables from our presentations with numerous schools, colleges, universities and employment centers that we continue to collaborate with not only during CSW but throughout the entire year. Together, we are stronger!

The customer contact Industry is:

  • comprised of some of Manitoba's top employers

  • where long term careers are built

  • stable, growing and dynamic

  • waiting for you!

The Industry supports:

  • telecommunications

  • transportation and tourism

  • finance

  • banking

  • construction

  • ecommerce

  • utilities

  • health

  • insurance

  • agriculture

The Industry wants to:

  • provide you with ongoing training and self learning opportunities

  • provide you with an engaging work environment

  • support you in your career development

  • celebrate your achievements


Dream big, set goals, take action!

Contact us at

MCCA Office

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