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Leadership Bootcamp - Intake 2

About the Event

Call Centers are fast-paced and uniquely different than every other part of your business. We must balance priorities, manage workflows, react effectively, optimize, monitor, and keep everyone happy.

Effective leadership is critical to drive success in a call center. Supervisors must guide their teams toward achieving organizational goals while delivering exceptional customer experiences. By working to develop your supervisors with the necessary skills and behaviors, you can enhance their performance and ultimately contribute to the overall success of your call center.

What you will learn:

Gratitude - create a plan to exercise gratitude

Exercise - get physical and learn simple work-safe exercises

Delegation - practice new delegation skills and learn to do more with less

Mindfulness - learn and practice the magic of mindfulness

Innovation - learn to build an environment where innovation thrives

Creative Thinking - learn how to build a creative thinking team

Tech Better - learn how to leverage contact center tech better

Great supervisors are made! 

MCCA - accelerating success!


August 6, 13, 20, 27


Members: $2500

Future members: $3500

To register for this training, connect with

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