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Make the Most of Customer Service Week

Great customer service is a powerful tool for any company, especially in today's challenging business environment. In fact, beyond the quality of the product or service being sold, it may be the single most critical influencer for brand loyalty, buying behavior and future business opportunities.

So, when Customer Service Week comes around every October, take note: It’s not only morale-boosting but also good business for you to recognize this event. Use the opportunity to show some appreciation to your workers who interact with customers on the front line, from receptionists to call center specialists, customer service managers and enrollment specialists.

What is Customer Service Week?

Customer Service Week is an international celebration that calls attention to the importance of customer service and the people who provide it, with these goals:

Boost morale and teamwork

Reward employees for the significant work they do

Raise awareness of the value of customer service

Thank other departments for their support

Remind those who buy your products or use your services of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction

How can you recognize your team?

You can show your appreciation to the customer service professionals in your workplace in several ways.

Offer to pay for professional development training

Establish an employee rewards program and reward your team with incentives

Take the time to express gratitude and offer praise for a job well done

You can also help them improve their customer service skills by offering:

Tuition reimbursement for off-site courses or seminars

Online courses or instructor-led workshops

Books or other reference materials

Keep checking in with MCCA with ideas on how you can support your customer service professionals during Customer Service Week.

Learn, grow and succeed with Manitoba Customer Contact.

Monday is skills assessment day!!! Sign up your team for a complimentary skills assessment during CSW. More details

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