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Making Training and Development Part of Your Corporate Landscape

MCCA provides leading-edge training customized to meet your needs. In addition, numerous courses are available right now to upskill and reskill your workforce, including new workers.

Our unique advantage as a trusted training provider in Manitoba is that we work with you to clearly define your training requirements and customize solutions to fit your specific needs. We also provide instructors that have both academic and industry credentials, supplying your staff with immediately applicable, industry-specific skills.

Our process involves four phases for completion:

  1. Assessment – we will work with you to clearly define your specific training requirements

  2. Design – we have instructional designers and subject-matter experts design your customized training solutions

  3. Delivery – our subject-matter experts will deliver your training online or face to face, or a combination of both

  4. Evaluation – we frequently ask for feedback from you and your employees both during and after the training so that we can make adjustments to ensure subsequent deliveries of your training build on the quality of the initial training

How can we help?

MCCA will come to your workplace and host a focus group for your employees. We will assess gaps and conduct employee opinion surveys. In addition, we will meet with your training decision makers to find the best plan for your organization including:

  • General training (customer service, communication, leadership development and more)

  • Identify any certification options like the Certification in Applied Management: Customer Service Specialization

  • Look at emerging leader options

  • Conduct a Building Better Supervisors training in compliance with your organization’s vision, values, and goals

  • Host a company-wide training event – team building

  • Provide follow up support

We know that happy employees are happy customers!

By using these tools and strategies, you will help demonstrate your long-term growth commitment to your employees. As you continue to incorporate training as part of your cultural landscape, you send the message that the company is looking to the future and that your employees are a huge part of that success.

Start the conversation - Explore our Training Page and see our variety of options. We are eager to start the dialogue on how we can best support your team.

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