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Professionalism in the Workplace

What does professionalism mean to you?

  1. Wearing a suit?

  2. Carrying a briefcase?

  3. A combination of attitude, appearance and manners?

  4. The way you speak, look, act and make decisions?

10 Elements of Professionalism in the Workplace:

  • Appearance – dress code in your workplace? Casual Fridays?

  • Behavior – what is expected? Helping others?

  • Communication – verbally, nonverbally

  • Attitude expected? Positive?

  • Work ethic – what is this in your workplace? Being on time?

  • Respect – shown how? Clean language?

  • Integrity – means being honest?

  • Accountability – take responsibility? expected in what ways?

  • Commitment – means acting ethically?

  • Adaptability – expectations? Being reliable?

Here are some conditions that support Professionalism in the Workplace:

  • Safe to make mistakes

  • Safe to learn from mistakes

  • Opportunities to try again

  • Encouragement to continue developing professionalism in your role

  • Develop your own style of professionalism that fits into this workplace

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