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You've got the Power!

Customer Service Icebreakers

Whether your attendees are seasoned veterans, those with middle of the road experience, or rookies, those who are very new to the whole customer service arena and possibly even the organization they are employed with, it’s very important to put people at ease and encourage their involvement and sharing of ideas. You also want to avoid divisions within your program.

These FUN activities do just what it states: it breaks the ice to open the door to communication, involvement, and sharing. It taps the wisdom, talents, and gifts each individual brings to the workplace. These activities also allow individuals to realize that they do not stand alone but are a critical component of the entire team representing excellent customer service. These activities will get your program underway and heading in the right direction.


Customer Service Icebreakers:

  • promoting communications and teamwork

  • who are you?

  • you've got the power

For more information on these activities connect with

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