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Sane & Satisfied


Tools for Improving Mental Health, Resiliency and Engagement in the Workplace

With humour and practicality Sheri will explore the impacts of the DRASTIC & UNEXPECTED changes that have swept through our lives and work environments since March of 2020. She invites you to “put your Humpty Dumpty back together, “reconnect to your why” and (re)claim your place in the here and now.

The hour will be spent identifying the core elements of Mental Health & Wellness, explaining the importance of developing a personalized Regulation Recipe, and setting you forward on a goal towards embracing Meaningful, Manageable & Tolerable as a personal and professional benchmark.

Keynote Speaker - Sheri Coburn

Sheri is a master’s level clinical therapist who holds a Master of Social Work Degree from Dalhousie University and is a contributing author of two published books: Counselling Insights & Counselling in Relationships. With almost 2 decades of experience, Sheri has an exceptional understanding and skill set in the areas of improving mental and workplace wellness.

Her expertise is recognized both nationally and internationally in her role as a workshop developer and professional trainer in the areas of Mental Health & Leadership where she has provided inspirational keynotes, educational workshops, and professional certifications to thousands of professionals across the globe. Her detailed understanding of human behavior and relationships gives her a unique understanding of leadership both through the lens of the leader and through the lens of the team and its members and the insights necessary to improve resiliency and engagement in a workplace setting.

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